Ensoulment Ltd. Exclusive 10″ Vinyl Box Set

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This Exclusive Limited Edition Ensoulment Box Set includes all 12 brand new album tracks as well as an exquisitely-designed 32-page paperback book. The 3 heavyweight, coloured marble 10” records are dark red, dark green, and dark blue – to correspond with the album artwork. The discs are 45 RPM, stored in separate printed sleeves inside a paperback slipcase finished with deluxe foil embossing. The ultimate Ensoulment collector’s item!

Singer-songwriter Matt Johnson is joined by long-standing THE THE members James Eller (bass), DC Collard (keyboards), Earl Harvin (drums), and Barrie Cadogan (lead guitar). The album also marks the return of co- producer and engineer Warne Livesey, who previously worked on landmark THE THE albums Infected (1986) and Mind Bomb (1989). Additional performances include Gillian Glover (backing vocals), Terry Edwards (horns), Sonya Cullingford (fiddle) and Danny Cummings (percussion).

Track listing
Side A:
1. Cognitive Dissident
2. Some Days I Drink My Coffee By The Grave Of William Blake

Side B:
3. Zen & The Art Of Dating
4. Kissing The Ring Of POTUS

Side C:
5. Life After Life
6. I Want To Wake Up With You

Side D:
7. Down By The Frozen River
8. Risin’ Above The Need

Side E:
9. Linoleum Smooth To The Stockinged Foot
10. Where Do We Go When We Die?

Side F:
11. I Hope You Remember (the things I can’t forget)
12. A Rainy Day In May

Available to pre-order

This is a pre-order and will be released on September 06th 2024